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H2 View, "Hypowa unveils new hydrogen fuel cell powertrain concept"

H2 View, by Joanna Sampson on July 18, 2019

UK-based Hypowa has unveiled its hydrogen fuel cell powertrain concept for three or four wheeled vehicles.

According to the company, its 2-10KW powertrain and hydrogen tank assembly will allow lightweight transportation vehicles to operate around the clock.

“Hypowa can deliver and integrate 2-10KW hydrogen fuel cell powertrains, hydrogen tank assemblies and matching electric motors in existing as well as new-built lightweight transportation (utility) vehicles,” explained Director Siggi Huegemann and Head of Technical Development Vincent Oldenbroek.

“Lightweight utility vehicles are made to carry goods and people around not heavy batteries.”

“Besides that, the vehicle frame is often not made for extra weight of heavy batteries, but it needs lightweight hydrogen technology for the same operational advantages as gasoline or diesel.”

“People need to earn money with these vehicles, they don’t have time to charge batteries for several hours.”

“Especially in emerging markets where electricity grids are unreliable, weak and not foreseen to fast-charge millions of batteries of battery electric Tuk Tuks, not to speak about the mineral resources needed for batteries and impact on the environment.”

“Also, once the hydrogen fuelling infrastructure is in place for buses and trucks, why could lightweight utility vehicles not fuel up at the same hydrogen fuelling stations?”


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