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New green Hydrogen Fuel Cell powertrain concept for lightweight transportation vehicles

Hypowa has finalised its Hydrogen Fuel Cell powertrain concept for three- or four-wheeled vehicles.

The 2-10kW powertrain and hydrogen tank assembly allows lightweight transportation vehicles to operate around the clock. It's a green, smart, environmentally friendly, emission-free and noise-free solution.

There’s now an exciting opportunity for vehicle manufacturers to collaborate with Hypowa to bring the concept to market in hydrogen fuelled lightweight transportation vehicles. Hypowa looks forward to working with manufacturers in new and developing markets, as well as established markets.

The fast timeframe will be particularly attractive in emerging markets, where demand for simple, innovative, low-cost transport is high. Working in close cooperation with a vehicle manufacturer, Hypowa can develop a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain to meet the manufacturer’s specific requirements and market needs in less than 12 months.

The prototype can be a fully road-licensed vehicle ready for series production on the vehicle manufacturer’s assembly line and distribution via its dealer network. Hypowa and our partners can also help manufacturers establish supply lines in less than 12 months.

Please visit our website and review our documents ( for more details. To discuss opportunities to work with us, please get in touch at

Siegfried Huegemann and Vincent Oldenbroek


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