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Hypowa Ltd and Partners

Hypowa was established in 2018. It’s a UK based company managed by Siegfried Huegemann and Vincent Oldenbroek. Hypowa’s focus is on the development of hydrogen fuel cell powertrains for lightweight transportation vehicles.

HYPOWA cooperates with these industry partners for specialist components and services:

• Hydrogen Gas Assembly
- Leading hydrogen receptacle manufacturer
- Leading hydrogen tank manufacturer specializing in small 700 bar tanks

• Fuel Cell System
Three leading of the most innovative fuel cell manufacturers from the US, Sweden, and China

• Electric Motor
Top quality manufacturer from Europe

• Integration Engineering
Engineering company with long experience in numerous hydrogen fuel cell technology integration projects in the automotive sector

•  Technology Management
Engineering expertise and Vehicle-to- Grid (V2G) knowledge gained from research conducted at TU Delft

•  Developing and Testing Facilities - Locations
Specialized facilities for the development of small vehicles with airfield for testing purposes

•  Customization
Full conversion into a champagne or coffee bar, greenery maintenance, food truck, or for other business purposes

•  Components

The components selected for Hypowa powertrains are proven, off-the-shelf and reliable. Our cooperation partners are chosen for their outstanding capabilities and expertise.


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