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HYPOWA's Offer

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HYPOWA offers vehicle manufacturers:

•  a complete integrated hydrogen fuel cell powertrain (2-10 kW) assembly including hydrogen tanks (≥1 kg) and electric motors, to power small and lightweight transportation or utility vehicles - both three- and four-wheelers 


•  customized powertrain solutions for specific requirements and priorities, including autonomy, power take-off (vehicle-to-grid/load) and range extender systems


•  short timescale from prototype to first series - a fully road-licenced prototype of any such vehicle in less than 12 months


•  the opportunity to establish supply lines with HYPOWA’s high-end manufacturing partners, for all the components required market development for the new vehicle


•  customization into a dedicated utility vehicle, for example: food truck or pop-up shop, champagne bar, silent mobile power generator for construction work or greenery maintenance


•  the capability to start the project right away because the virtual concept has been finished

•  true cooperation for developing new vehicles and bringing them to the market successfully - HYPOWA and its partners are readily prepared

Cooperation Proposal:

One Stop Shop, More Than Just Delivering Components

Hypowa offers a commercial collaboration to develop a new hydrogen fuel lightweight transportation vehicle, bring it to existing markets and to support vehicle manufacturers in developing new markets.


Hypowa can develop the hydrogen fuel cell powertrain in close cooperation with a vehicle manufacturer, to meet the manufacturer’s specific requirements and needs in less than 12 months.


The prototype can be a fully road-licenced vehicle ready for series production on the vehicle manufacturer’s assembly line and distribution via its dealer network. In association with a vehicle manufacturer, Hypowa and our partners can also establish supply lines in less than 12 months. 

Experience and expertise for a successful project

Hypowa offers vehicle manufacturers first mover advantage as well as fastest time to market.


Our highly effective and efficient engineering team has a proven track record of delivering hydrogen fuel cell powertrains for passenger vehicles and motorbikes. The powertrains’ fully certified components are provided by carefully selected leading manufacturers only.


Working with Hypowa offers manufacturers the shortest time to market, top quality, and minimal development costs. It’s the most effective and efficient process for bringing a hydrogen fuel cell lightweight vehicle to the market.


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