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Power_train_BoP - Copy.png

Layout of Virtual Powertrain Concept

2-10kW Fuel Cell Powertrain &
Hydrogen Tank Assembly

Hypowa can supply complete air and liquid cooled Fuel Cell powertrain and hydrogen tank assemblies, and so create a ‘fuel cell range extender’ for existing battery electric vehicles. The powertrain or range extender can deliver continuous Fuel Cell power of 2-10 kW with tailored short term peak power via a traction battery or supercapacitors. Hypowa can also integrate a suitable electric motor including regenerative braking and a matching electric motor controller. In addition, we can assist in conversions from gasoline or diesel power to hydrogen fuel cell electric powered vehicles.


Hydrogen storage at 700 bar can range from 1 kg up to several kg, depending  on the packaging into the vehicle and autonomy requirements. The hydrogen fuel receptacle complies with international standards and allows communication between the vehicle (in-tank temperature and pressure sensors) and the hydrogen fuelling station for safe and fast refuelling times.


Power take off (PTO) or Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) or Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) is an extra option for further versatility. While driving, the vehicle can power a device such as a cooling unit. When parked it can serve as a mobile and noise- and emission-free generator. There are many applications, from food preparation facilities, pop-up shops or lighting for a construction site to powering commercial gardening tools. 

A hydrogen fuel cell vehicle can operate for up to 20 hours (subject to usage) without being refuelled and refuelling its hydrogen tanks takes less than 5 minutes. 

The short hydrogen refuelling time and large payload combined with long operating times (up to 20 hours) serve the needs of growing, on-demand economies and rapidly expanding markets in both developed as well as developing countries, for commercial success.

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